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     Plaintiff, SHARON BROWN, a Riverside County resident, is a 43-year old wife of a law enforcement officer, mother of two children, one of whom had severe vaccine reactions. Plaintiff, SHARON BROWN'S two children are upstanding, honor roll students in the public school system, of which SHARON BROWN is an active financial contributor and weekly volunteer.  SHARON BROWN is a degreed, working professional with 15 years' experience in the engineering recruiting industry.  Plaintiff, SHARON BROWN, is fiercely opposed to the practice of harvesting fetal cells from live babies for use in vaccines.  SHARON BROWN, believes in a holistic lifestyle, rejecting genetically modified foods (GMOs), pesticides, pharmaceutical drugs, vaccines, and other chemicals, as much as possible.  In addition, SHARON BROWN believes that SB 277 violates her right to privacy by “outing” her family as non-vaccinators. 

     Plaintiff, SARAH LUCAS, a Butte County resident, is a 33-year-old single, low-income, Christian, mother of three children who have had most recommended vaccinations.  All three of SARAH LUCAS’ children experienced vaccine failure or adverse physical reactions resulting in urgent care and ER visits.  Plaintiff, SARAH LUCAS, believes that, if her children aren't immune by now, then that is  a failure of the vaccines and failure to further vaccinate should not impact public school access.  Plaintiff, SARAH LUCAS, refuses to again put her healthy children in danger simply to exercise their fundamental right to a public education.

    Plaintiff, DAWNIELLE SELDEN, a Riverside County resident, is a college-educated professional, working mother of three, pro-life, Christian conservative.  DAWNIELLE SELDEN’S children are partially vaccinated, having abstained from those vaccines that contain aborted fetal cells.  One of DAWNIELLE SELDEN’S children have had severe vaccine reactions; her oldest child suffered from vaccine injury after receiving the MMR, and she has nephews who are autistic.  Her son is an honors student at a private Catholic school, and she believes it is ludicrous to think that the State can take away her son’s right to even a private education, which she funds!  

    Plaintiff, SERGE EUSTACHE, a Los Angeles County resident, is a 40-year-old, African-American, married father of two beautiful daughters.  Plaintiff, SERGE EUSTACHE is a VFX artist, (visual effects artist), in the entertainment industry.  Plaintiff, SERGE EUSTACHE, pursues this lawsuit in the hopes of keeping our freedom of choice in the matter of vaccinations.  Steadfast and true remains SERGE EUSTACHE’S dream of having his daughters pursue their dreams through the educational system of California.  Plaintiff, SERGE EUSTACHE wishes that we all may one day enjoy not only lasting health but the freedoms that come with it.

     Plaintiff, TRICIA EUSTACHE, a Los Angeles County resident, is a   46-year-old, married, mother of two girls, ages 7 and 2 and vaxx-free!  Plaintiff, TRICIA EUSTACHE is a licensed, Speech Pathologist who puts a lot of effort into maintaining her family’s health and well-being.  Plaintiff, TRICIA EUSTACHE has been vegetarian for almost 10 years and she lives a holistic lifestyle.  She believes that health is best maintained by adhering to an organic diet, high in raw foods, as well as exercise, routine cleansing, and detox.  TRICIA EUSTACHE has spent many years researching and experimenting with alternative and natural remedies for common ailments.  Her family avoids pharmaceuticals as much as possible.  Plaintiff, TRICIA EUSTACHE is opposed to vaccination because she spent countless hours doing research aided by her background in microbiology.  Luckily, for her girls, TRICIA EUSTACHE began her research before they were born to avoid having to make fear-based decisions.

    Plaintiff, NIKKI JENCEN, a San Diego County resident, is a strong advocate for all human rights, especially children.  Plaintiff, NIKKI JENCEN has two vaccine-free children, ages 10 and 6.  She is also married to a police officer in San Diego County.  Plaintiff, NIKKI JENCEN is a Holistic Health Practitioner, educated with degrees in Sociology, Social Sciences, and Nutrition.  She is an online entrepreneur as she the creator of Mega Wellness Summit and the Founder of Women’s Wellness Academy.   Plaintiff, NIKKI JENCEN helps women and children heal and live naturally. She believes that a holistic and organic lifestyle is best for all, and she is a promoter of free and public education for all children. 


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