Why are funds are needed?
While there are grounds to seek to overturn SB277, the full time and attention of a an experienced attorney will be required to properly challenge SB277. After spending tremendous sums in political contributions, lobbyists, and public relations for decades to mandate childhood vaccines and limit exemptions, a lawsuit seeking to create a constitutionally protected right to refuse a vaccine will, no doubt, be met with fierce opposition. 
Such a challenge, if done correctly, will not only involve multiple claims by differently situated plaintiffs but also will almost certainly involve appeals to the Ninth Circuit and likely the United States Supreme Court and demand large sums for costs, attorneys’ fees and expert fees. A legal challenge that is not properly funded is unlikely to be able to sustain the caliber of legal work required to challenge SB277 at the trial court level and then through appeals.

What is an injunction and why do we need one?
We will be asking our attorney to seek an injunction to halt this illegal law and allow California children to attend school under their personal belief and/or religious exemptions. If there is danger of immediate irreparable harm at the time the petition is filed, a judge may issue a temporary injunction which goes into effect upon it being served to the other party. This temporary injunction will stay in force until the hearing or sometimes until the outcome of a lawsuit is decided in which an injunction is one of the parts of the plaintiff's demands. A final and continuing injunction is called a permanent injunction.


Please create fundraising efforts within your communities and schools.  Additionally, you can contact us to be a part of volunteer efforts already established.


How long will the process take?
Due to the complicated nature of this lawsuit, this process could play out for up to a year. Hopeful an injunction will happen, children could still go to school while the unjust law is litigated.

What is the mission? 

Despite some of the most outspoken opposition ever seen, The California Legislature passed SB277 and on June 29, 2015 Governor Jerry Brown signed CA Senate Bill 277 into law, removing the personal belief and religious vaccine exemptions for children attending daycare and public and private schools. The law takes effect July 1, 2016. A group of committed parents have formed REVOKE.REVOLT.RESTORE. to raise money to hire a litigation team to strike down this unjust law.

Where will the funds will go?

Nearly 100% of all funds raised will be used to pay our lawyer. Facebook advertising fees up to $1,000, and small administrative fees such as EVoice, website hosting, etc. may be deducted from the fund. 

How can I help?

Please fund raise the best way you see fit. The possibilities are endless!  You can join our Facebook page at: www.facebook.com/revoltrevokerestore to join the community and also see our "Make a Difference" tab on this website. Every dollar counts! 

mission & vision

No donation is too small and no voice is too quiet to be heard. We will devote the time and energy necessary to educate, advocate and fund this litigation effort.


             Fundraising to litigate against mandatory             vaccination in California.  How much can you give to keep kids in school?


Can I see a statement from Mr Phillips?  

I am happy to be associated with REVOLT REVOKE RESTORE -- to halt SB 277 and restore the Right to Medical Self-Determinism in California. Mandatory vaccines are NOT a public health issue, but rather, a personal, civil liberties issue. I am proud to announce that my office has been retained by "Triple R" and I am excited to work with Sharon and her capable team!
My legal position is clear and unequivocal -- I oppose all vaccines. To merely fight for the right to delay childhood vaccination, in my opinion, does not go far enough. I fight for our constitutional right to live vaccine-free.
I am a science-based lawyer. I have 24 years' experience arguing in California courtrooms. I am 100% VEGAN strong. I advocate banning all GMO foods. Many folks have questions about our legal strategies to halt SB 277, so please ask me or Sharon -- we are happy to answer, we are transparent.
After cursory review of several FB threads, it appears many folks have questions about the legal concept "precedent." Please consider this -- if we WIN in court, then we triumph for all Californians; if we LOSE, then we've blown it, but only for those plaintiffs named in the lawsuit, which means everybody else in California remains free to bring their own SB 277 lawsuit! smile emoticon
We welcome your vaccine comments and legal suggestions. I, Sharon, and the "Triple R" team, are committed to halting SB 277. Please tell us your thoughts re SB 277 litigation. We wish to speak for all those who wish to restore the Right to Medical Self-Determinism in California. Thank you for your support. Please stay tuned. ~~TMP.

What are your strategic objectives? 

REVOLT.REVOKE.RESTORE. will be actively working with the traditional media and social media sites to publicize our efforts and garner attention from potential donors statewide, nationwide and globally. A key message will be that SB277 sets an example for other states, therefore striking down SB277 is essential to preventing similar mandates from being proposed or passed outside of California – as has already occurred since the passage of the bill.  The Board of Directors will be readily available for phone calls with media, with volunteers regularly asking for donations in social media.  We will suggest one-time donations, but will also actively promote recurring donations to the project.

why this matters

We all need to pitch in with financial contributions and social media spread. YOU can make a difference!  Tell your neighbors, friends and family how to donate. 

Who is T. Matthew Phillips? 

We are pleased to announce that REVOLT.REVOKE.RESTORE. has signed a contract with T. Matthew Phillips, Esq. to file a lawsuit against the State of California -- to strike down SB 277. T. Matthew Phillips' office will represent concerned California residents who believe mandatory vaccination is unconstitutional. Attorney Phillips is currently writing the complaint and we plan to file it a.s.a.p.! We seek a prohibitory injunction to halt this overreaching law. We believe that California children have the fundamental right to attend California schools without the tyranny of forcible vaccination.

Here is State Bar info on T. Matthew Phillips:


More information on Mr. Phillips:

- 24-year licensee of the CA State Bar in good standing. Also licensed to practice law in Federal Court and the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals.

We will be suing on the grounds of this law being unconstitutional, 1st and 4th amendment violations, freedom of religion and more.Our lawyer, T. Matthew Phillips hates SB277 so much he has given us a near pro-bono price to write the brief and litigate against this unconstitutional law. He has years of experience suing government agencies, has done complex civil litigation and is a dynamic litigator. Here is a man who sued Monsanto for social change!!! He is a vegan and an animal-rights activist. He and his family are vaccine free. He has been happily married for over 20 years. He eats GMO free and said he'd rather starve than eat a GMO as he "knows too much." Mr. Phillips is a science-based lawyer who is ready to defeat SB277. If you've heard this or that about Mr. Phillips it's because Monsanto has tried to do a smear campaign and make up fake things about him online and Mr. Phillips is preparing for defamation suits against those who have created these campaigns. 

Does this have to do with vaccines?
The government does not have the right to force pharmaceuticals and/or medical procedures upon its citizens nor ban a child the opportunity to receive an education. There are many parents who believe vaccines are not safe or effective. There are many others in this movement who vaccinate but want to over turn this law due to its overreaching into families’ personal lives.